Batman V. Superman – The Movie We *Should* Have Got

To say that most of us were disappointed with BvS is an understatement on the same level as saying that fire is hot, water is wet and oxygen is useful to the human body. But how could we fix it? Do we need to change casting? Characterization? Content? A huge chunk of the movie’s problems stem from the studio getting involved, so first, we’ll look at what I feel is the biggest problem with the movie.

Content. This movie crammed essentially 2 and a half movies worth of material into its 3-hour runtime. We got elements of the Dark Knight Returns, the Death of Superman and an “introduction” to the Justice League. I say “introduction” because having Wonder Woman check her emails to show us the characters is probably the laziest way to introduce new characters ever, but I digress. These are two of the best story lines out there and to water them down like this was a tragedy. The characterization is sadly all over the place. First, we’ve got Superman who decided to become Batman and spend the whole movie brooding. Then we have Batman who decided that Frank Castle has the right idea on how to deal with criminals. Sadly, Wonder Woman didn’t even get any characterization. She was there to look pretty, check her emails and show up for the final fight. And then we have Lex. I feel like this was the only real casting problem present. I’ve got nothing against Jesse Eisenberg, but he doesn’t have the gravitas to pull this role off. Lex Luthor is a menacing, calculating and imposing character and only 1 of those can maybe describe Eisenberg.

So, if these are some of the problems, how do we fix them? First things first, this was DCs 2nd entry into their cinematic universe; it’s too soon to have their two biggest names throw down. Now having Bats and Supes together on screen is a comic fans dream as well as good marketing, so how do we keep them both around? We make the entire movie revolve around Lex bringing his brand of crime to Gotham, putting him on a collision course with a well-established Batman. This brings Clark Kent snooping around Gotham where he crosses paths with Bruce Wayne. Eventually, we see all our players at a gala dinner when Metallo attacks and kidnaps Bruce. Superman rushes in and saves him, but Bruce explains that he let himself be captured, so he could figure out what Lex was up too. The movie continues and essentially lets Bruce teach Clark how to use his head rather than rely on his abilities. Essentially, have Batman act as a mentor to Superman. We leave Diana out of the movie, but name drop Themyscira during the end credits, just as a link to her solo flick. After the final fight against Metallo, Bruce and Clark realize that they may need to work together more often and agree to start looking for others with abilities.

Now we can save Doomsday and the big Batman/Superman fight for *separate* movies down the road. But what do you think? Leave a comment below and let us know what you would change in the movie. Catch you next time – BB.



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