Can Justice League be a Good Movie?

Now I know there’s a lot of buzz about this movie, some good and some bad, but I thought we could approach this from a different angle. Instead of looking at what the movie *will* be, I think we’ll have more fun if we look at what it *could* be. Now just for the record, we’re building this from the existing DCEU, which means unfortunately, “Martha” is still cannon.

Now, we know that Justice League will focus on Bats and WW recruiting Grant Gus.. I mean Ezra Miller’s Flash, Khal Draquaman and Cyborg to take on Steppenwolf (One of Darkseid’s generals), with Supes showing up probably in the second act and a 7th League member appearing in the 3rd act. Might be The Martian Manhunter or a Green Lantern Corp member, but we don’t know for sure.

I feel like bringing Darkseid and Apocalypse into the franchise this early is a bit heavy handed. Much like Thanos in the MCU taking over half a decade to get up and pick up his glove, Darkseid’s presence must be felt and stretched over a few movies before we see him explain to Kal El that on Apocalypse, he is many things including executioner. BvS ends with Lex screaming that “The bell has been rung” which could have easily pointed to the Imperium. These suckers are responsible for the destruction of the Martian race, leaving The Martian Manhunter as the sole survivor of Mars (Much like Big Blue himself…kinda… if you ignore his cousin, his dog, an evil general, an entire bottled city and a few others). Back to the Imperium, they’re a nocturnal race of shapeshifters which makes it easier for them to invade and avoid detection, which explains why you would need more than just one hero to take them on. If you’d like evidence of why this would work, look no further than the first 2 episodes of the Justice League TV series.

With Superman out of commission, this aged Batman would be more than pragmatic enough to realize that he and Wondy aren’t enough to handle it alone and it would set out to bring the band together. Aquaman would join because the Imperium would pollute the Ocean while trying to block out the sun, while Flash and Cyborg would join because the God Damn Batman asked them to join. That leaves our missing 7th member and while I’d love John Stewart as a Lantern, I think the team needs a heavy hitter in the form of the Manhunter. His psychic abilities also give the League a much-needed weapon for when they eventually take on Darkseid’s forces. When Superman recovers, the League takes care of business and we set the stage for the next movie. No, it’s not yet time for Darkseid, but we’ll get there soon. All I’ll say for now is Babel.

But that’s an article for another day. What do you guys think so far? Will Justice League belong in the Almanac? Drop a comment below and let’s hash out some ideas for the movie. We’ll have an article out soon enough outlining our vision for the sequel – Justice League: Divided we Fall. Catch you next time – BB.



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