Deadpool 2 AKA: The Quest for a Faster Costume Change

This teaser was perfection, just what we’d expect from Reynolds and his group. Having the great Stan Lee pop in for an initial cameo was beautiful and taking a shot at DC’s Big Blue Boy Scout himself was a stroke of brilliance. Everything we loved from the first flick is alive and well here in the teaser which is honestly a bit of a relief.

While we know Ryan Reynolds played a *huge* part in getting us that movie, known issues between former director Tim Miller and Reynolds had created some worries on the creative direction that we might see in the sequel. However, the presence of Superman’s iconic score shows us that this movie will be just as, if not more meta than the last one. A good example of this would be the fact that Logan is somehow playing in the theatre across from the phone booth. This raises some interesting philosophical questions about the universe though – Does Deadpool live in a world where Logan is an actual X-man but popular enough to be in movies starring Hugh Jackman who looks just like him, only taller? Was that really Stan Lee or did he just yell at a random old man on the street? These right here are questions for minds like Aristotle, Plato and possibly you yourself in the comments section. You know, the strongest philosophical minds of our time.

Anyways, this teaser was a surprising treat and if it’s any example, Deadpool 2 will certainly have a place in the Almanac. With filming scheduled to go from June to September, it’s possible there will be enough edited footage to get a full-length trailer dropped either in November with Thor: Ragnarok or in December with The Last Jedi. As always, drop us a comment down below and let us know what you thought of the trailer. Catch you next time – BB.



1 thought on “Deadpool 2 AKA: The Quest for a Faster Costume Change”

  1. It was fun and a nice short. Waited for an ending clip but there was none.
    The meta timeline with Logan being famous is cool too. They made comics about the X-men in their timeline too lol. Overall great movie


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