John Wick: Chapter 2

Welcome to the Almanac of Awesome! Today’s entry is John Wick: Chapter 2, A.K.A. Keanu’s Best Sequel. Just like the first one, this movie is a huge step up from typical action movies. Instead of seeing 90% jump cuts and shaky cam, we are treated to some of the cleanest fight sequences in Hollywood. Any mook that gets shot, stabbed or punched is shown in beautiful detail. Keanu Reeves deserves all the credit for the stunts in this movie considering he’s 52. Check out this link to see how immortality has clearly given Keanu time to level up his kill skills.

Now, for the movie in detail. We pick up shortly after the first one and are reminded why John isn’t the Boogeyman, but the one you send to kill the damn Boogeyman. The movie slips into new territory in an interesting way. In the first movie, the hidden assassin underground society wasn’t really explained. We saw the Continental Hotel and we were given a few rules here and there, but nothing detailed. This movie really starts to tease open the world and gives us an idea of the levels that exist which is something that a good sequel should always try to do. While it does take away *slightly* from the mystique of the movie, it opens the door for future movies. The only real gripe I can give for this movie Is that the motivation is a bit weaker than what was seen previously. The first films plot was almost criminal in how straightforward it was – Theon Greyjoy kills John’s dog. John proceeds to kill everything that breaths and stands between him and Theon. This is a very primal response and it hits you deep. You know exactly why these people need to die and you’re backing John 105%. With the sequel though, while you’re still with John on his kill streak, the spark that sets everything off is a little weaker when compared to the original. That being said, I’m willing to forgive that just on the basis of the dialogue. There are some gems here, as we get great lines from Keanu as well as his contacts in the assassin world. Seeing characters react to John “working” again is an honest treat, including a return of Jimmy – the police officer from the first one.

So, overall thoughts? JWC2 definitely belongs in The Almanac. The action in this movie alone deserves the theatre experience. From start to end, this movie keeps the energy up and makes sure you’re strapped in for the whole ride. Additionally, the ending creates an insane set up for John Wick: Chapter 3, so it’ll be great to see how things come on that front.

So what did you think of JWC2? Who’d win in a fight, John Wick or Jason Bourne? Leave a comment below and lets get a discussion going! Also, tell us if there’s anything you’d like us to write about. Catch you next time – BB



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