Justice League: Divided We Fall

In an earlier article, we outlined some ideas for the first Justice League movie and showing how we could save big moments for further movies. With that in mind, let’s delve into some ideas for a true sequel that can set the stage for a third instalment. Now just bear in mind, this movie needs to take place after all members have had a standalone movie and Superman gets a proper sequel to Man of Steel.

Now a good sequel should always feel personal. The heroes have banded together, but now we need to test them as a group and as individuals. The best way to pull this off is with the Legion of Doom. Having had a solo movie for each character, we should have enough named villains to create a functional legion. One idea would be Reverse Flash, Ocean Master, Felix Faust and Parasite with Ra’s Al Ghul acting as the leader. Now while this alone would be an entertaining movie, we need to really test the League. This is where we can pull some ideas from the Tower of Babel storyline. In a nutshell, Batman has created contingency plans against the league in case they go rogue and the Legion manages to steal them. To get an idea of Batman’s contingencies, check out the animated movie Justice League: Doom, it’s definitely something that belongs in the Almanac.

So, we’ve got the League being attacked on a deep personal level, tensions are mounting and people realize that Batman’s responsible for the plans. Now most times, this reveal would take place at the end of the movie, but remember we want the group to band together even tighter in light of what comes next. We can have the 3rd act prefaced with the League finding out about the plans and while they’re pissed, they understand *why* Batman created the plans. Following this, we have the League going head to head with the Legion and we get a full brawl for the final fight, but with one addition. Turns out that during Man of Steel, Ra’s found parts of the Kryptonian ship which contained none other than the Brain-Interactive Construct himself, Braniac. He’s up to his usual tricks of assimilating technology but thanks to his upgrades from the Mother Box, Cyborg is able to trap him. The Legion is defeated and the League celebrates a well-deserved victory, confident that their bonds are tighter than ever.

Sadly, part 2 of a movie can’t end that nicely. We find that the last thing Brainiac did before being locked up was send out a signal that echoed deep into space. We next see ourselves staring at a blinking Mother Box in an empty room. As it blinks red, we slowly pan out of the room through the window, we find ourselves on a planet with a red sky. Further zoom reveals large pits of fire covering the landscape with slaves working at large machinery. Finally, a slow camera pan shows a humanoid figure standing in the shadows accompanied with glowing red eyes. With a glimpse of Darkseid, we now can end the movie, having set the stage for Justice League: Endgame. So how would you set up a Justice League sequel? Leave a comment down below and give us your thoughts. Catch you next time – BB.

Photo: goo.gl/iIq3er


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