Nicolas Cage vs. The World – Level 2

As our hero moved on, dog tags in hand; he found himself in London of all places. Walking forward as the world around him slipped by, Cage found himself entering a Casino. As the bright lights and noise washed over him, a nearby bartender beckoned to Cage. Approaching the bar, Cage found himself face to face with a man who looked vaguely familiar. As though he had seen him in one out of twenty-four movies. As he got close, the bartender named George slid over a Martini and an envelope telling him to head to the backroom for a high stakes game of Poker, with his potential Oscar hanging in the balance.

Sliding gracefully through the crowd, with his drink in hand, Cage made his way past a Baccarat table, noticing that one man was crying blood. Off to the side, he saw a security guard being tazed by a man in an Italian 3-piece suit. “Well that’s just shocking,” Cage mumbled as he reached the backroom. Keeping his eyes open, Cage opened the door and took in his surroundings. As his eyes swept the room, he noticed that the walls were bare and empty. In fact, save for the exquisite, hand crafted table in the center of the room, it almost felt like this was the wrong room. Moving towards the table and taking a seat, the lights were suddenly cut. After a moment of darkness, light returned to the world and Cage found that he wasn’t alone anymore.

To his left was a man who wouldn’t look out of place on a safari in the heart of Africa. Everything about his outfit screamed Hunter, although Cage thought this might just have to do with the rifle draped over the back of his chair. To his right, sat a man similar to those in the casino, calm as can be with a cigarette in one hand and dressed in an immaculate white dinner jacket, accented by a red rose over his heart. Finally, across from Cage sat a man who seemed prepared to raid a former military fort. He was dressed in tactical gear, with a ski mask covering his face and a machine gun beside him. After a moment of silence, the man with the machine gun began to deal cards to everyone and just like that, the game was on.

Almost immediately, the hunter folded out of the game. “What a shame. I guess he didn’t get the plot of this game” said Cage, as the game went on. A few rounds later, the man with the dinner jacket was defeated. “I guess in this game, you only live once” Cage muttered as he felt the stakes were even higher now. With only the two of them left, the ski mask was removed, revealing none other than Sean Connery. As he began to monologue about his accomplishments and how Cage should consider himself lucky to have ever worked even worked with him, a loud thud echoed through the room as a hand collided with the table. “Whadda ya say we cut the chit chat, A-Hole!” yelled Cage as he revealed his hand. A royal flush. As Connery stared in shock, he started to shimmer, almost as though his very hold on reality was breaking. Cage looked on as Connery seemed to shift, first to a man in red leather with a large feathered cap, then to a Russian submarine captain, an Irish cop, a literal dragon and finally an old man in a black turtleneck. As he slumped back into the chair, Cage noticed that the machine gun had morphed into a small role of microfilm. Pocketing the film, Cage looked at the body as it began to fade away. “I guess you’re not the man now dog” he said as he walked out the door waiting for the next challenger.

What mysteries are waiting in Level 3? Our hero may find himself dealing with someone who has gone where no one has gone before. Catch you next time – BB.



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