The Perfect Power Rangers Movie

So, we’re only a few weeks away from a return to the Morphing Grid. Like many people who grew up in the 90’s, I lived and breathed Power Rangers. I’ve got my favourite series and characters (Time Force and Billy) and I’ve even checked out some of the Super Sentai series that Power Rangers is based on. Fun fact; in the source for Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers (Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger), the real reason the green ranger disappeared is because he was dead. Quite a bit darker than what we got at home eh? But now, after 10,000 ye…I mean almost exactly 20 years (Turbo: A Power Rangers movie came out on March 28th, 1997) we have a reboot of the original franchise, so let’s talk about what we want to see.

First off, full disclosure: inspiration for this article came from what might be the best cover of the original theme ever made. Check out the link below and give it a listen. It would be amazing if something like this gets into the actual movie.

Now the trailers clearly show us that the rangers are going up against Rita, with the big end fight being the Megazord vs. Goldar. Now I like the idea of Goldar being the big fight, but I’m not exactly feeling the literal golden statue version that they’re going with. It tends to make sense though, given that the putties in this version look like they were formed from concrete and some of them even have stop signs and traffic cones embedded in their bodies. Now my vision of the movie has them spending a little time introducing us the kids. Let’s see if they actually have some attitude now because the last groups idea of attitude was to volunteer at the juice bar while wearing bright coloured clothing. Once we meet our group, the movie is essentially an origin story, but with more focus on the kids improving as rangers. We see a few rounds of them dealing with waves of Putties, possibly a round with Goldar at human sized, then finally, it’s zord time. The visuals they’ve shown for the zords is pretty good and as far as the fight goes, I’m hoping for something similar to the Jaeger/Kaiju fights from Pacific Rim.

Now in broad strokes, that covers my view for the plot of the movie, so let’s talk extras. Cameos. The realistic option would have the surviving original cast running around the city during the big set piece fight scene, either as a group or scatter them across the movie in “blink and you’ll miss them” shots. Even better would be if they could knock the damn fourth wall down. Let me paint you a picture: The rangers have formed the Megazord and are taking on Goldar in a quarry. Because every fight in Power Rangers takes place in a quarry. As they trade blows, the camera pulls back and sweeps over 6 people watching from a nearby cliff. As the original rangers look at the fight, Jason David Frank (Tommy) turns to Austin St. John (Jason) and says “This looks a lot different from the outside, doesn’t it?”. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Sure, it would break the flow of the movie, but what a way to do it!

Leave us a comment below saying what you’d like to see in the movie. Catch you next time – BB.



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