Wonder Woman: The Real Hero of WWI

Finally, DC has learned the most important lesson of movie trailers: Don’t blow the 3rd act of your movie. Now the final Wonder Woman trailer isn’t at the level of The Force Awakens, but it does do a great job of explaining what we’re getting without actually showing it. The opening shots of Themyscira are beautiful and we get the feeling that this really could be a little slice of paradise hidden away from the rest of the world. After some dialogue between little Diana and Queen Hippolyta, we get a mini montage of Diana training and hits that she doesn’t know the truth about herself. I take this to mean that they’re going the road of making Diana the daughter of Zeus rather than just a typical Amazon.

We then show some old footage of Steve Trevor crashing onto the island and pleading his case before the Amazons as well as shots of them fighting what are most likely German soldiers. We then see Diana suit up and head off to London with Trevor. The rest of the trailer is mostly old footage except for the last 15 or so seconds, during which Diana gives us what I can only imagine is her pre-fight line to the villain of the movie. Cue that amazing guitar riff and end it with a fun shot of Diana trying to walk through a revolving door holding her sword and shield.

As far as the acting and visuals from the trailer go, this movie has a lot of promise. Gal Gadot looks amazing as Diana and her outfit is infinitely more vibrant than it was in BvS. Chris Pine seems to just be playing Captain Kirk back in World War I which is fine, but I’m hoping we see more depth to his character as the movie progresses. I’m impressed that Connie Nielsen managed to mimic Gadot’s accent, which is a nice little touch. Diana’s pre-fight line is an awesome touch and makes me think of Batman’s best line from the animated series: I am vengeance, I am the night, I. AM. BATMAN. Be honest, you read that out in Kevin Conroy’s voice, didn’t you?

So, overall, this trailer has me feeling pretty hyped for Wonder Woman, but what do you think? Will DC finally make a fun, entertaining live-action movie? Leave a comment below and tell us what you thought of the trailer and where the movie should go. Catch you next time – BB.

Photo: https://goo.gl/SeQj39


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