Live Commentary: Justice League Dark

So, I know I’m coming into this a little late, what with everyone and their mother being shocked that I haven’t seen Justice League Dark yet, despite calling myself a fan. By no means, however, am I a BIG fan, because otherwise I think I’d probably already know what this movie was going to be about. The last animated DC movie I saw was that one where Superman’s latino, Batman’s an actual vampire, and Wonder Woman is just some random tough girl somehow connected to Darkseid (?). Eh, is the most I can say to that movie. But, I’ll leave that for another day.

Okay….so, I’m less than five minutes into Justice League Dark, and it looks great so far. This is definitely living up to the “dark” title so far. Yup, this is going to be fun.

“You have no time for joy. How do you cope with it?” “I have a butler.” haha

Watching this makes me wonder what made Constantine the choice for becoming the person he is. Who gave him this position? What made him worthy?

They have random transitions to scenes of a man putting together a potion of some sorts. I thought it was Doctor Strange at first, but then shit hit the fan…literally. haha And now, Boston just said the same thing, making my joke sound lame. Damnit.

They mentioned Merlin being there hundreds of year before. Is the Merlin from the show, Arrow, hundreds of years old, as well? Or is he a descendant? Or are they not at all connected?

Etrigan is one of those characters I remember seeing often somewhere as a kid, but never heard much about. Definitely want to learn more about him, as well.

I’m now reaching the end of the movie, and every second is better than the last! This is so good!!

Wait…have they shown who made that potion yet?


Honestly, despite not having my favourite superheroes in it, and having Batman play an incredibly minimal role in this, actually pulling out some classic Batman action, detective work, and wit, this movie was pretty amazing. If you’re looking at this movie as your latest way to get in your classic Superhero or Justice League kick, this is not the movie for you. But, if you’re interested in seeing the other sides of the DC Universe, meeting new or not so often seen characters duel it out with some magical evil, this is definitely the movie for you. I honestly had a lot of fun with it, and it has left me intrigued to learn more about some of the characters and gave me some ideas for future articles.

Leave a comment below if you have answers to any of my million questions above, or if you’ve got recommendations for things to watch, or suggestions on what to write up about next. As always, the comment section is a great way to get the conversation started, so go on, write something worth reading!

– N.K.

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