Who is the God of Speed?

Every episode of The Flash opens with a lie. How, you ask? Listen close to the first 12 words of the intro: “My name is Barry Allen and I am the fastest man alive”. Seems to me that in every season we find someone that’s straight up faster than Barry, but while he might be slower than most evil speedsters, Barry’s got plotforce – The strongest power of all! Instead though, let’s talk about Savitar, the current Big Bad and just who he might be underneath that armour.

One important thing that’s been picked apart by fans is Savitar’s repetition of the phrase “I’m the future flash”. When we hear this line delivered by the Jigsaw Killer himself, Tobin Bell, we need to pay close attention to the way he parses that sentence. An argument can be made for him saying “I’m the future, Flash” or “I’m the future-flash” which lends strength to the idea that Savitar is Barry from the future. While I’m personally a fan of this idea and I’ll describe how it could work below, I feel it’s only fair to look at the other big possibility – Wally. I reject this idea because it breaks the entire flow of the story. This show has always been about Barry Allen overcoming the lousy hand he’s been dealt and to shift Wally into a main villain role would be a rather large misstep at this point.

Now how does Barry go full Vader on us? Through the whole series, we’ve seen Barry struggle with the idea of killing his enemies, the most recent example being Grodd. Thanks to the rest of Team Flash though, he’s managed to stay on the straight and narrow and avoid becoming season one Green Arrow. A great Doctor once said “From a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint, time is more of a big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff”. Barry’s inability to keep from messing with the timeline has become a literal joke amongst fans, so why not use that to support the creation of Savitar. Recall that in order for Flashpoint to be reset, Barry had to let Reverse Flash kill his mother. Imagine that this version of RF now escapes to an alternate future and kills off team Flash, all the while taunting Barry about not being fast enough to save them. As if this wasn’t enough, RF pours some salt in the wounds and reveals that the only reason he could do it was because Barry asked him to kill his mother. This effectively causes Barry to snap, causing him to kill the Reverse Flash. Ditching his identity as the Flash and giving into his rage, Barry puts on some new threads, calls himself the God of Speed and tries to stop his past self from ruining everything. Now we’ve see the Speedforce is somewhat sentient, so it’s not a stretch to imagine that they could “deflect” Savitar and send him to the future instead. Cue a fight with the future Flash, getting trapped in the Speedforce and we’re all caught up to the present.

This might explain why Savitar seems to know the team so well, but it’s only an idea right now. We’ll need to sit back and wait for the reveal hopefully in the next few weeks. But what do you think? Is Savitar someone we know? New Wells? Patty? A new character that we haven’t seen before? Leave a comment below and toss some ideas around. Catch you next time – BB

Photo: http://collider.com/the-flash-season-3-savitar/


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