Logan AKA: Stabbing fixes all problems

Logan has done something that I feared wasn’t possible.  Make a good standalone Wolverine movie.  After the abomination and disappointment that were X-Men Origins: Wolverine and The Wolverine respectively, Logan acts as a breath of fresh air and gives us a new look at a character that we’ve spent 17 years getting to know on the big screen.  Now before getting into the actual review, I need to give you a heads up. There isn’t a mid-credit or an end credit scene for this movie.  However, to make up for that, there’s a special surprise for you at the start of the movie.  I won’t spoil it here, but they’ve gone and put a little something extra for the fans to get the show going.

Now this was an entertaining movie and had a lot going for it. One amazing thing to point out here is the quality of acting we saw from Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman.  Both men play characters that have aged quite a bit from their last outing and you can feel it in everything they do.  From listening to Stewarts slowed speech to seeing Jackman dragging his heels as he urges his body to run just a bit further, the actors brilliantly demonstrated their commitment to the characters.  On top of this, we need to give credit to young Dafne Keen who did an amazing job playing Laura or as comic fans know her, X-23.  It’s rare to find child actors who are able to do such a good job with a tough role and I’m hopeful that she gets to play the character again, just to see how it could grow with her.

Another huge plus for this movie is the violence and language.  My God, this movie is a visceral masterpiece.  Thanks to Deadpool showing that the hard R rating can work, not only do we get to hear Patrick Stewart swearing all over the place, but we finally get to see Wolverine cut loose… get it, *cut* loose?  Close your eyes and think about the old X-men movies.  If we were lucky, once in a while we’d see a few streaks of blood on those claws of his, but here?  They may as well have just painted them red for the amount of time they spend bloody.  This is perfect though because let’s be real, if your mutant power was essentially 6 knives sticking out of your knuckles and people tried to kill you, you’d be ready to stab the shit out of them.  But alas, no movie can be perfect.  While Logan is by all means a good movie, unfortunately the overall plot is pretty straightforward and the movie does feel like it drags on in the middle.  Now here, my inner nerd comes out and addresses one big question I’ve had from the movie.  What timeline does this take place in?  Is it after the corrected future from Days of Future Past?  Or is this a new timeline after Apocalypse?  Unfortunately, the X-men timeline has become a modern era Gordian Knot and so it might be best to just not think too hard on that.  I personally like to believe that by rebooting the future timeline, every x-men movie between Days of Future Past and the original X-men movie automatically becomes part of their history and anything taking place after the rebooted ending of Days of Future Past can still work.  This leaves a lot of time periods left that can be used for future films, which would be great.

So overall, Logan has definitely earned its place in the Almanac, but what did you think?  Did they do the character justice?  What would you change or add on?  Leave a comment below and give us your thoughts.  Catch you next time – BB

Photo: http://www.slashfilm.com/logan-imax-poster/


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