Justice League – The Age of Heroes

Is it possible that lightning can strike twice? The newest trailer for Justice League has dropped and it’s hitting all the right notes for a good trailer. However, we’ve still got 8 months to release date, so it’s easily possible that things could be spoiled down the road. But let’s forget that for the time being, enjoy what we’ve got and take a moment to look over the Justice League trailer.

We start with a brief intro to the rest of the League mixed with shots of Bruce and Diana talking about the need to unite. This is fun, because we get to see some of the personalities come out a bit. Aquaman being super chill and grabbing a beer as payment for saving a guy’s life is great and the Flash’s dropped jaw when he realizes that Bruce is the Batman is adorable. From here, we transition to a pan shot of the League with Diana and Bruce saying that the “Age of Heroes” has to return. This is cool, because it gives us a nice reference to the Age of Heroes from Greek mythology…or I suppose Greek history if Wonder Woman has anything to say about it.

Now it’s time to buckle up, because it’s action time. We get some kick ass shots of Aquaman impaling some Parademons (Foot soldiers from Apocalypse) against a cliff, Diana taking out a room full of government suits, Cyborg fully armouring up and breaking the sound barrier and finally (And what I’m looking forward to the most), The Flash running and wrecking Parademons. We cut to Bruce admitting what his real super power is ($$$) and then it’s a series of smash cuts showing off some general badassery from the League and what appears to be an army of Amazons against Parademons. Maybe a flashback showing the last time Earth was invaded? After this, we see Batman mow down some Parademons, the Flash tapping into the Speedforce and finally, my favourite part of the trailer. We see Commissioner Gordon (Sadly, not demanding pictures of the Joker) mentioning that it’s good to see Batman working with others again. Could this mean we might see Nightwing pop up? Maybe Oracle? It’s almost a throwaway line meant to let Batman crack a joke when Aquaman acts like a jock, but it’s got some depth to it. Finally, we end things off with Aquaman launching off the Batmobile and attacking some flying Parademons.

This trailer had a lot going for it which I’m totally glad to see. It feels like the studio learned from BvS and Man of Steel and tried to add some heart to the characters. Not to mention, the choice of trailer music, with Godsmacks cover of “Come Together” fitting the theme of the movie perfectly. Best of all, there aren’t any real spoilers in this trailer. We don’t know for sure who the League is fighting, we don’t know who the secret 7th member is, and we see no sign of Superman, which means they’ll hopefully keep him wrapped up until the actual movie. All things considered, I’m pretty excited for the movie but what do you think? Leave a comment below and tell us what your favourite part was. Catch you next time – BB

Photo -http://www.nme.com/news/film/justice-league-trailer-full-length-2027613


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