Kingsman 2: Kingsman Under Fire

Now I don’t know how the rest of you felt, but I was not expecting the first Kingsman movie to be as fun as it was.  Great storytelling, fun characters and possibly the best use of the Free Bird guitar solo ever.  Now with that being said, we knew it was only a matter of… Continue reading Kingsman 2: Kingsman Under Fire


Gargoyles – Is It Still Watchable?

Gargoyles protect. It’s in their very nature, their purpose. To lose this is to be corrupt, empty and lifeless. This kind of heavy message was typical for Gargoyles and showed a level of depth not often seen in animated shows. Now before we start talking about how much of the show holds up, I can’t… Continue reading Gargoyles – Is It Still Watchable?

Nicolas Cage vs. The World – Level 5

With the warehouse at his back, our hero couldn’t help but feel as though something was wrong. Maybe it was the sudden chill he felt having walked out of the warm building, or perhaps it was the crow perched on the street sign that seemed to stare directly into his soul. Either way, Cage was… Continue reading Nicolas Cage vs. The World – Level 5

Thor: The Twilight of the Gods

Well, The Mighty Thor is back again, sporting a new look and some new tools. The teaser for Thor: Ragnarok has dropped and from what we’ve seen this looks like it’ll be a fun time at the movies. It’s got a lot riding on its shoulders because this movie will most likely be the bridge… Continue reading Thor: The Twilight of the Gods

Power Rangers – It’s Morphin’ Time

Holy crap people, we have reached the promised land. After years of disappointments that offered us glimmers of hope, Hollywood finally pulled through. We sat through Transformers for Optimus Prime. We forced ourselves to get through the Ninja Turtles movies. We flat out refused to watch Jem and The Holograms. But damn it, Power Rangers… Continue reading Power Rangers – It’s Morphin’ Time