Power Rangers – It’s Morphin’ Time

Holy crap people, we have reached the promised land. After years of disappointments that offered us glimmers of hope, Hollywood finally pulled through. We sat through Transformers for Optimus Prime. We forced ourselves to get through the Ninja Turtles movies. We flat out refused to watch Jem and The Holograms. But damn it, Power Rangers proved just why the power lies on their side. As always, there won’t be any spoilers here but make sure to stick around after the movie ends, for a mid-credits scene. There isn’t an actual end-credits scene, but part way in, there’s some orchestral music that you’ll want to hear.

Now as far as the actual movie goes, we get what I’ve always wanted in a reboot. They took the core story and changed it for this generation. We don’t see the model citizens hanging out in a juice bar, helping kids with their homework or teaching them martial arts. Our rangers have their own distinct backgrounds which give them some depth. They’ve each got their own problems that their trying to work through and it actually works. Hands down, the star of this movie is RJ Cyler who plays our beloved Blue Ranger, Billy Cranston. And yes, his name is Cranston thanks to Brian Cranston, who played 2 monsters in the original series. Cyler really brings heart to the team and you can’t help but enjoy his presence. That being said, the rest of the Rangers are great in their roles as well. Jason honestly feels like a leader commanding his troops, especially during the big end battle, and when Trini and Zack open up about their past, you feel for them and want them to feel accepted as part of the team. Finally, Kim is great in that you believe she’s looking for redemption. Not to mention, I’m a little scared by how much she looks like Amy Jo Johnson at times.

The action in this movie is entertaining, but this movie lives on nostalgia. Make sure to keep your eyes open for some familiar faces. Zordon’s three rules make a nice comeback and seeing the Zords up on the screen is beautiful. I wasn’t sure if the new design would work at first, but I’m so glad I was wrong. Also, the nods to other parts of the franchise were hilarious. At one point, Jason’s dad mentions that he’s at the corner of Mariner Bay and Reefside which are the cities from Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue and Dino Thunder respectively. There are also a few shots of old power ranger action figures scattered around Billy’s house early in the film. All of these little moments come together to make my inner fan boy smile. Now, I’m not saying this is a perfect movie. There are totally things that could have been done better and some things that weren’t really well explained. It feels like we’ll be getting a couple of deleted scenes sooner or later to fill in those gaps.

So overall, this was just what I wanted Power Rangers to be. It didn’t try to be dark or gritty and knew it was a movie that was essentially about giant robots fighting a giant monster. Totally worth a place in the Almanac and damn if it hasn’t inspired me to listen to go back and re-watch the original series….which is conveniently on Netflix :D. But what did you think? Anything you would change in the movie? Leave a comment below and give us your take. Catch you next time – BB


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