Kingsman 2: Kingsman Under Fire

Now I don’t know how the rest of you felt, but I was not expecting the first Kingsman movie to be as fun as it was.  Great storytelling, fun characters and possibly the best use of the Free Bird guitar solo ever.  Now with that being said, we knew it was only a matter of… Continue reading Kingsman 2: Kingsman Under Fire


Thor: The Twilight of the Gods

Well, The Mighty Thor is back again, sporting a new look and some new tools. The teaser for Thor: Ragnarok has dropped and from what we’ve seen this looks like it’ll be a fun time at the movies. It’s got a lot riding on its shoulders because this movie will most likely be the bridge… Continue reading Thor: The Twilight of the Gods

Justice League – The Age of Heroes

Is it possible that lightning can strike twice? The newest trailer for Justice League has dropped and it’s hitting all the right notes for a good trailer. However, we’ve still got 8 months to release date, so it’s easily possible that things could be spoiled down the road. But let’s forget that for the time… Continue reading Justice League – The Age of Heroes

Wonder Woman: The Real Hero of WWI

Finally, DC has learned the most important lesson of movie trailers: Don’t blow the 3rd act of your movie. Now the final Wonder Woman trailer isn’t at the level of The Force Awakens, but it does do a great job of explaining what we’re getting without actually showing it. The opening shots of Themyscira are… Continue reading Wonder Woman: The Real Hero of WWI

Deadpool 2 AKA: The Quest for a Faster Costume Change

This teaser was perfection, just what we’d expect from Reynolds and his group. Having the great Stan Lee pop in for an initial cameo was beautiful and taking a shot at DC’s Big Blue Boy Scout himself was a stroke of brilliance. Everything we loved from the first flick is alive and well here in… Continue reading Deadpool 2 AKA: The Quest for a Faster Costume Change