Gargoyles – Is It Still Watchable?

Gargoyles protect. It’s in their very nature, their purpose. To lose this is to be corrupt, empty and lifeless. This kind of heavy message was typical for Gargoyles and showed a level of depth not often seen in animated shows. Now before we start talking about how much of the show holds up, I can’t… Continue reading Gargoyles – Is It Still Watchable?


Spiderman TAS: Is it still Watchable?

He’s been called Amazing and Spectacular. He’s known as that Wall Crawling Vermin by some. He’s the menace responsible for Jameson’s blood pressure problems. Of course, I’m talking about the Web Head himself, Spiderman. Now given just how long Spidey’s been on screen, we’ll be picking one incarnation to focus on, specifically the Fox Kids… Continue reading Spiderman TAS: Is it still Watchable?

X-Men TAS: Is it still Watchable?

If you grew up in the 90’s then be honest with yourselves. Seeing that picture made the theme song play in your head didn’t it? The 90’s and 2000s were filled to the gills with amazing cartoons and while we all remember them with a smile in our hearts, we have to ask – Are… Continue reading X-Men TAS: Is it still Watchable?