Spiderman: A Welcomed Homecoming

Well folks, the Wall Crawler has come home. Your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman is back in Marvels hands and it’s a good time to be a fan of the Webhead. Homecoming delivers everything a Spiderman fan could hope for, it’s got laughs, it’s got heart and it’s got a compelling villain. As is our custom, this… Continue reading Spiderman: A Welcomed Homecoming


The Defenders – Defend Your City

“If we can’t save this city, you can be damn sure we’ll avenge it. Wait, we can’t avenge the city? Crap, okay I guess we’ll just defend it instead.” In the same way that The Avengers brought together Marvel’s phase 1 heroes and united them against a common foe, The Defenders seeks to unite Daredevil,… Continue reading The Defenders – Defend Your City

Thor: The Twilight of the Gods

Well, The Mighty Thor is back again, sporting a new look and some new tools. The teaser for Thor: Ragnarok has dropped and from what we’ve seen this looks like it’ll be a fun time at the movies. It’s got a lot riding on its shoulders because this movie will most likely be the bridge… Continue reading Thor: The Twilight of the Gods