Nicolas Cage vs The World – Level 5: Regroup and Rematch

Cage stood to his feet as he viewed the dojo around him, taking a moment to notice the various weapons decorating the walls. Each tool a finely crafted weapon, capable of dealing immense damage in the right hands. As he took the room in, he felt the memories of his near-death experience rushing back, almost… Continue reading Nicolas Cage vs The World – Level 5: Regroup and Rematch


A Hero’s Journey – My Hero Academia

Hello friends and welcome to a very special entry into the Almanac of Awesome. Up to this point, we’ve reviewed classic cartoons, movies, TV shows and given you our thoughts on how to fix existing material. Going forward, we’ll be including occasional reviews of anime series that we feel are deserving of your viewing. Some… Continue reading A Hero’s Journey – My Hero Academia

Spiderman: A Welcomed Homecoming

Well folks, the Wall Crawler has come home. Your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman is back in Marvels hands and it’s a good time to be a fan of the Webhead. Homecoming delivers everything a Spiderman fan could hope for, it’s got laughs, it’s got heart and it’s got a compelling villain. As is our custom, this… Continue reading Spiderman: A Welcomed Homecoming

The Defenders – Defend Your City

“If we can’t save this city, you can be damn sure we’ll avenge it. Wait, we can’t avenge the city? Crap, okay I guess we’ll just defend it instead.” In the same way that The Avengers brought together Marvel’s phase 1 heroes and united them against a common foe, The Defenders seeks to unite Daredevil,… Continue reading The Defenders – Defend Your City

Kingsman 2: Kingsman Under Fire

Now I don’t know how the rest of you felt, but I was not expecting the first Kingsman movie to be as fun as it was.  Great storytelling, fun characters and possibly the best use of the Free Bird guitar solo ever.  Now with that being said, we knew it was only a matter of… Continue reading Kingsman 2: Kingsman Under Fire